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San Antonio Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Learn Your Options from an Experienced Sexual Assault Attorney


San Antonio Sexual Assault Defense Attorney Robert M. Maurer II understands that the consequences of a sexual assault allegation can be devastating. Accusations of sexual assault can be made while providing little substantiating evidence. In fact, they are one of the easiest accusations to make of all Texas crimes. San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Maurer II aggressively defends all types of sexual assault charges.

The long-term consequences of a sex charge can be devastating to yourself, your family, your career, and your financial security, regardless of whether they are ultimately convicted of a crime. And if convicted, the consequences can be prison time, fines, and permanent registration as a sex offender.

If you have been accused or charged with sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault rape, child molestation, statutory rape, or date rape, you need immediate help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Robert M. Maurer II has been aggressively defending clients from sexual assault charges for 20 years. His experience both in and out of the courtroom has help ensure the best possible outcome for his clients.

Accusations of Sexual Assault: The Time to Act Is Now

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, it’s in your best interest to act quickly. The simple act of filing sexual assault charges can be devastating to a person’s reputation. And the quicker we can review the evidence in the case, the higher the likelihood of a positive outcome. Physical evidence is very important in sexual assault cases, since there is usually no witnesses other than the parties involved. So it is in your best interest to get legal representation the moment you know you are under investigation.

San Antonio Sexual Assault Attorney: Why You Should Choose Us

At the law office of Robert M. Maurer II, you get the experience and personal attention your case deserves. Your case will be handled from start to finish by Mr. Maurer himself. That means the same experienced criminal defense attorney will be leading the investigation, negotiating with the District Attorney’s Office, and defending you in court, if necessary. And if your case does go to trial, Mr. Maurer has significant experience in trying these difficult cases, both in presenting your case as well as jury selection, where these cases are often won or lost.  This not only provides for better service and communication, but helps ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Fill out the form to the right of this page or call the Law Office of Robert M. Maurer II today for a Free Consultation about the particulars of your case.  We’ll evaluate your situation and draft a strategy to stay ahead of the prosecution to provide a successful outcome for your case.